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Giving advice and suggestion (como dar consejos/sugerencias en ingles)

There are several ways of giving advice but I will put the most common and useful.

Why don't you ...?
Use this to give light suggestions or advices

I want to travel to an interesting place.
- Why don't you go to Cusco.
I need to buy a good and cheap car
- Why don't you buy a Toyota

You can use the SECOND CONDITIONAL to give advices If I were you I would ...


My wife always treats me bad
- If I were you I would divorce her.
I have a Visa for the USA but I like my country
- If I were you, I would travel to USA and make money.

Should / ought to
We use these when our advice is light and not strong.
Should (S + should +verb + complement)

I feel tired
- You should go to bed,
I do not understand English
- You should study online at
Maria does not love Fernando
- She should tell me what she feels.

ought to (S+ ought to + verb + complement)

I got a 70% on my test
- You ought to start studying more.
I am getting fat.
- You ought to eat less.
I need money.
-Well, you ought to find a job.

* should es mas usado que ought to

Have to and Must Use these to give a strong advice or suggestions

I am bleeding.
- You must go to the hospital now.
I have lung problems
- You have to quit smoking
The bank sent me a letter and they might take my house
- You must pay the bank
I am driving without a license
- You have to get one before a police stops you

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