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Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing

Many adjectives that are formed with past participles (e.g. interested) describe a feeling or state.

- I'm bored = I feel there is nothing that interests me at the moment.

Many Adjectives formed from present participles (e.g interesting) describe the person, thing or topic which produces the feeling.

- I'm boring = I'm a very uninteresting person.

Common -ed and -ing adjectives:

- shocked / shocking
- worried / worrying
- surprised / surprising
- embarrassed / embarrassing
- annoyed / annoying
- interested / interesting
- exited / exiting
- thrilled / thrilling
- amused / amusing

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-ed adjectives are used for the person who has the feeling. In other words, a boring person makes us feel bored.

- ing adjectives are used for a thing (or person) that causes the feeling.

Complete the sentences with adjectives ending in -ed or -ing.

1) Classical music is _________ (bore)
2) Miguel is very ________ (excite) because he is going to get married soon.
3) It's so ____________ (embarrass) to listen to my brother sing.
4) I feel _________ (relax) when I listen to jazz.
5) That is a __________ (depress) song!

optional: write your answers in the comments and I will correct it

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