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Tag questions - ESL English

What are tag questions and what do we use it for?

A question added to a declarative sentence, usually at the end, to engage the listener, verify that something has been understood, or confirm than an action is agreed. Common tags include won't you? wasn't it? don't you? haven't you? okay? and right? (

Example: You are American, aren't you?

Los "question tags" son preguntas que se añaden al final de una oración para verificar o confirmar algun dato o informacion. You smoke, don´t you ? Tú fumas, ¿verdad ? I can´t drink beer, can I ? No puedo beber cerveza, ¿cierto?
Rules of question tags

The English tag question is composed by an auxiliary verb (did, does, do, will, has, have etc) and a subjective pronoun. The auxiliary has to agree with the tense of the sentence. If the verb was in the present tense, for example, the tag question uses do or does; if the verb was in a present continuous form, the tag is formed with am, are, is; and if the sentence has a modal verb, then we use the same modal verb in the tag. If the declarative sentence is in positive then the tag question is in negative and vice versa.

Mr. Smith works hard, doesn't he?
(Declarative sentence POSITIVE)-(Question tag NEGATIVE)

Mr. Smith doesn't hard, does he?
(Declarative sentence NEGATIVE)-(Question tag POSITIVE)

El "Question tag" está formada por el auxiliar del verbo principal y el pronombre personal sujeto y si el. Esto va despues de la oracion del cual se va a verificar.

You have been to New York (informacion a verificar), haven't you? (tag question)

Recuerden que si la oración esta en forma positiva entonces el question tag estará en negativa y vice versa.

Ejercicios de Tag Questions:

Complete with the appropriate tag endings in the blanks. Remember that if the statement in a tag question is positive, the tag ending is negative: She’s gone, hasn’t she? and is the statement is negative, the tag ending is positive: She hasn’t gone, has she?


You’ll never be a millionaire, will you? (el never es negativo)
They’ve left for the beach, haven’t they?
She has to study hard, doesn’t she?
It’s not cold outside today, is it?

1.- You’ve never been in Hawaii, _______________________________?
2.- She’s not going to have to take another course, ___________________?
3.- She shouldn’t smoke, _______________________________?
4.- He’s had many different kinds of jobs, _______________________?
5.- He’s an engineer for a government agency, _____________________?
6.- Bob and Mary have to go home now, ___________________?
7.- Bill and Henry have gone, _________________?
8.- She’s recently been ill, __________________?
9.- There’s something cooking on the stove, _______________?
10.- You had a good time at the game, _________________?
11.- It’ll be cold tomorrow, ____________________?
12.- He’s always lived by himself, ____________________?
13.- He’s never on time to work, ____________________?
14.- There were a lot of people at the concert,_________________?
15.- I’m going to be with you tomorrow night, _______________?

Reminder: Am I not? is formal; Aren’t I? is informal.

16.- Mary had to cook dinner, ________________________?
17.- John has had several operations this year, ____________?
18.- We’ve studied a lot of things so far, ___________________?
19.- You weren’t at the last meeting, ___________________?
20.- They’ve never had a child, ____________________?
21.- I’ll be seeing you tomorrow, _______________________?
22.- You can type well, ____________________?
23.- I’m not pronouncing your name correctly, ___________________?
24.- She hasn’t been enjoying herself lately, __________________?
25.- I should do something about the problem at work, ____________?
26.- He hurt himself in the accident, _______________?
27.- You couldn’t be cruel to animals, _______________?

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