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How to offer something in English

I will give some advices on how to offer something in English. There may be other ways but these are the most common and handy that I could think of.

Would you like ....?

What would you like to drink?
Would you like to go dancing?
Would you like some coffee?

- Use would like + to and infinitive to offer something.
Remember you can use some in questions only when you offer.
Would like is considered a formal way of offering something.

Do you want ... ?"

What do you want to do?
Where do you want to go?
Do you want some milk?

- Use want to to offer. It is considered informal and you can use it in any situation.

How about ...?

How about some cookies?
How about going to dance?
How about buying some chicken?

- Use how about to offer as well. It is used more for giving an additional offer.


Would you like some beer?
- No thanks.

How about some water?
- Sure

The person did not want beer and we gave an additional offer with how about.
If we use a "verb" after how about please use the (-ing) form (called the gerund)

ERROR >>> How about dance?

Correct >>> How about dancing?

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