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Present Perfect (just , yet, already)

  • JUST - Using just with present perfect:

Use: Use just to express actions that have happened RECENTLY. Just goes after the auxiliary have/has and before the past participle

- Maria has just finished her homework. (not so long ago)
- They have just come from the supermarket.
- It has just started raining.

Para una clase con AUDIO y con explicaciones en español de cuando usar Present Perfect y JUST, vaya a la lección en línea a continuación:
  • Already
Use: We use "already" to express actions that have finished before the actions was expected to finish ( una accion que acaba anticipadamente)

- I have already done my homework.
- Jorge has already watched "Transformers" the movie.
- They've already read that book

  • Yet
Use: We use yet for negative sentences and questions. It is used for actions that you think has happened. It is used to express expectations. (es traducido como ya o aun)

- Have you eaten at "Friday's" yet? (you expect that the other person has already been to "Friday's")
- I haven't been to Europe yet. (But I expect to go there)
- Has Matilda been to New York yet?
- Have you studied for the test yet?
- Juan hasn't proposed to Jenny yet.

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