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Present Continuous

Present Continuous Syntax

S + [to be + - ing form ] + C
The to be verb has to be in present form ( am / is / are) and according to the Subject (S) [he she it => is] . The -ing forl is added to the verb you want to use (playing , studying ...etc)
My father is working in his office.
Maria is cooking for all the family.
Claudio and Juan are playing soccer.
In negatives we DO NOT use the auxiliaries don't and doesn't. We just add not to the to be verb
My friends aren't dancing because they don't like salsa.
I am not swimming in that dirty pool.
My sister isn't riding her bicycle.
In questions we DO NOT use Do and Does.
Are you talking to Alfred?
What is Jack doing?
Where are you going?
Correct Use of the Present Continuous
It is used to describe an action that is happening at the moment.
Carla is writing a letter (RIGHT NOW)
Carla writes a letter ( USUALLY - ROUTINE)
* En el castellano uno puede usar presente simple para decir que algo pasa en el momento pero en Ingles no. Recuerden que presente simple is para rutinas y habitos.
What are you doing? (Present Continous)
I am eating.
What do you do? (Present Simple)
I am a teacher.

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