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Past Simple (not "to be")

The verb form in past is only one form for all Persons (played)

It -------- played (past form of play) , ate (to eat) , went (to go)

The form of the verb to play in the past is played => -ed is added
When -ed is added these are called Regular Verbs

Click here to see a list of common Regular Verbs
Remember => Only add "ed" to form the past form to the regular verbs.

-Irregular Verbs are those verbs that fall outside the standard patterns of conjugation in the languages in which they occur.

to eat ---- ate
to sleep --- slept
to go ---- went

The past form is not a common pattern. We DO NOT add "ed". We need to learn these verbs with time and patience.
Click here to see a common list of irregular verbs

Examples (regular & irregular)

Lucy went to Lucho's house
Sally talked to Juan on the phone for hours.
Marisu visited Miami last year.
I ate too much pizza last night

Negative Form

In negative form with verbs that are not to be we use the auxiliary didn't.

I,you,he,she,it, we,they - didn't(did+not) + play (simple form)
Gabriela didn't go to the dentist.
Juan and Paolo didn't study because they went to the party.
They didn't travel to Spain for Christmas.
* Recuerden que cuando utilizen "didn't" el verbo no esta en la forma de pasado "played"
He didn't went (INCORRECTO) El auxiliar esta para ayudar al verbo recuerdenlo.
He didn't go (CORRECTO)
Question Form
You use the auxiliary "did" in question form when the verb is not to be
QW +Did + {I,you ... they} + C
Where did he sleep yesterday?
What did you do all night?
When did they travel?
What time did the program start?

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