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Jergas comunes en ingles a - d (SLANGS)

La siguiente es una lista de algunas jergas populares de USA. Se agradece la colaboración de ESL cafe. Algunas pueden ser ofensivas.

Lista de American English Slangs (A-D)

airhead: stupid person.
"Believe it or not, Dave can sometimes act like an airhead!"
ass (2): an unworthy and hated person.
"I cannot be friends when you act like an ass."
awesome: great and impressive.
"Macchu Picchu is truly awesome!"
baby boomer: a person born from the end of the Second World War until the early 1960s.
"Dave Sperling was born in 1961, so he's considered a baby boomer."
ball (1): a fun time.
"I really had a ball in my class."
ball [offensive] (2): a testicle.
"After getting kicked in the balls, his voice seemed much higher."
bang (1): a very powerful thing.
"Disneyland is really a bang!"
bang (2): a powerful effect.
"Japanese sake really has a bang!"
barf (1): vomit.
"My dog barfed all over the carpet."
barf (2): vomit.
"Don't step on the barf!"
barf-out: a displeasing person or affair.
"That restaurant was a real barf-out."
beat: tired.
"I'm really beat because I was awake all night."
biggie: something important.
"I was hoping to get my homework completed, but it's no biggie. "
biker: a motorcycle rider.
"Dave used to be a biker until he got into a serious motorcycle accident."
bitch [offensive] (1): a very unpleasant woman.
"My boss can be such a bitch sometimes."
bitch [offensive] (2): complain.
"Stop bitching and finish your homework!"
bitchy [offensive]: moody.
"I like my friend Steve, even though he can be really bitchy."
bod: body.
"Stalone has a great bod!"
bonkers; go bonkers: crazy.
"If Dave works too hard, he sometimes goes slightly bonkers!"
booze: alcohol.
"The ESL party was fun, even though there wasn't any booze."
boss: excellent; great.
"My teacher is the boss!"
brew (1): coffee.
"Every morning Dave needs a fresh cup of brew."
brew (2): beer.
"Do you want another brew, dude?"
B.S.: bullshit; lies.
"I'm tired of listening to your B.S."
bull: bullshit; lie.
"That's a bunch of bull!"
bullshit [offensive]: lie; dishonesty.
"I don't like people that bullshit me"
buns [possibly offensive]: the rear end; buttocks. => trasero
"Don't stare at my buns!"
cheesy: cheap; outmoded.
"Why are you wearing such cheesy clothes?" = huachafo - anticuado
chicken: coward.
"Don't be such a chicken!"
cool: excellent; superb.
"The party was totally cool!"
couch potato: a person who watches too much television.
"Why did I have to marry such a couch potato?"
crap [offensive] (1): something worthless.
"My furniture is a bunch of cheap crap."
crap [offensive] (2): excrement.
"Yuck! I stepped on dog crap!"
crap [offensive] (3): falsehoods and lies.
"I've had enough of your crap."
dirt: extremely bad person.
"My ex-boyfriend was dirt."
dirty: offensive; pornographic.
"Stop looking at the pictures in that dirty magazine!"
dorky: strange; peculiar.
"If you keep acting so dorky, you'll never get a girlfriend!"
dude: a male/ a guy/ a man
"That's really cool, dude!"
dynamite: powerful; excellent.
"Dave gave a dynamite presentation."

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